• Guaranteed to improve your revenues, profits and cashflow!

    Improve ROI by >25%.

  • Software that will revolutionise car service delivery!

    State-of-the-art yet amazingly simple.

  • Focus on what you do best...car repair! Leave the rest to us.

    We will help improve process, productivity, technical competency & customer service.

  • Designed to handle independent workshops to franchised chains!

    Scales as your business grows.

21st Century Solution for Car Repair Delivery

Designed by workshop managers for workshop managers!

Improved Margins & Cashflow

Increase vehicle inflow. Promote the right products and services. Make margin on every spare sale. Never forget to bill for labour. Get paid immediately upon vehicle delivery.

Real-time Repair Estimation

Reduce time to repair estimation to minutes instead of hours or days. Save big on time and money due to reduced vendor followup to get pricing for every spare. Provide labour estimate based on services requested, with no additional effort.

Simplified Spares Management

Easily manage spares procurement, issue of spares and inventory. Track use of spares against each vehicle to ensure you make money on every sale.

Up-to-date Spares & Labour eCatalogs

Gain access to the only repair software in India to have an integrated catalog of spares for a variety of vehicles. The Labour catalog auto adjusts pricing based on Make, Model of vehicle, city and corporate rate agreements.

Accident Repair Management

The accident repair process has been simplified to a step-by-step process from documentation, claim process management, estimation, insurance settlement to final vehicle delivery.

Streamlined Interaction with Insurers

From claim intimation, surveyor visits scheduling to receipt of liability, the insurer, surveyor and car owner are all informed every step of the way and armed with all the information they need.

360 Degree Workshop View

Know what is happening in your workshop even when you are not physically present. Notice increase in revenues and margins due to reduced fraud. Get full 360 view of all major performance metrics right on your mobile phone.

Happy Customers

Advanced CRM tools provide you instant customer feedback and a mechanism to follow up until satisfaction. Additional tools available to facilitate Post Service Feedback and Service Reminders to increase inflow.

Rapid Go-live

Simple, easy to use, pictures based system is designed to be accommodative of staff constraints. Our partner workshops have gone live in under 4 hours…not days or months. We recognise technology must make your job easier and stress-free, not be burdensome.

Scalable As You Grow

Designed to handle independent workshops to franchised chains!
Technology and pricing designed to be scalable as your business grows. In fact, our technology enables your business grow.

Designed for the Mobile

All repair floor activity is designed to run on commonly prevalent Android devices and the rest on responsive user interfaces so you can access the system from a PC, Phone or Tablet. Runs great on Wi-Fi or 3G/4G network.

Cloud Based. Absolutely Secure. Terrific Support.

You retain ownership of your data. This service is always ON and hosted on Amazon web servers. We are very committed to helping our customers with rockstar products and support.

Transforming the car service experience

…and this is only the beginning!

"From a small neighbourhood garage, Autorox has helped my business transform to a trusted, customer centric workshop."
B. V. N. Raju Thrilled Workshop Owner
"Autorox has helped me reach my potential. It's now quick, easy and error-free for me to record job orders, provide estimations and connect with customers substantially better."
Ravi K. Happy Service Advisor
"The impact good technology can have on a business is amazing. I now take my car to the neighbourhood garage with absolute confidence."
Arvind A. Delighted Car Owner

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