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The Best Digital way to Buy & Sell Auto Spares, Tools, Equipment!

For Buyers / Garages

Right Part. Right Price. Right Time. - It's simply the most seamless buying experience ever!

AX Spares Sale

Autorox garage management software makes managing your inventory and ordering spares super simple. Why should you have to leave your Garage Management system to buy spares? Why should you have to order parts on the phone / email / WhatsApp from multiple suppliers when you can do it easily from within Autorox? Via our partnership with Autozilla, we bring you a hassle free buying experience for Spares, Tools and Equipment from the highly respected Manufacturers and Suppliers. Here's more reasons for you to buy on Autorox:

  • Multiple parts choices (OEM, OES) for every lookup
  • Detailed information on every Part (Number, Name, Technical / Product Information, Specific Vehicle Fitment Data, Images, Pricing, Discounts, Alternative Brands etc.)
  • Instant digital payment or buy on credit based on years of relationship you've built with your suppliers
  • Automatic update of supplier invoice into Payables and check-in of products purchased to Inventory
  • High Quality, Right parts delivered to your door at the Best price!
  • Natural language search (e.g. BMW X3 Oil Filter) to identify the right part for the right application effortlessly
  • Manage your inventory effectively and buy only what you need when you need it by setting up Re Order Level and Minimum Order Quantity
  • Realtime updates on the status of the order, shipment, delivery, invoicing and returns

For Manufacturers / Sellers

Sell to thousands of digitally enabled garages, analyse market trends and plan accordingly!

Parts Sale Dashboard

In partnership with Autozilla, we bring you a 360° platform to digitally enable your supply chain (Distributors, Retailers) or simply prepare them to sell their stock online. Our AI algorithms automatically derive valuable insights from the millions of transactions conducted on our platform and enable smart, timely, informed decisions for all constituents of the auto aftermarket spares supply chain. Some advantages to Manufacturers / Sellers are as follows:

  • Understand fast moving products by category, vehicle, territory
  • Plan your current capacity by SKU, by region or a variety of other factors
  • Plan new product launches and be responsive to the market and your customers
  • Look beyond sales to your Distributors. Understand secondary sale including trading
  • Understand market share and key contributors. Plan your rollout of schemes and incentives based on market insights
  • Understand your distribution network performance by region or other criteria

We are expanding our Supplier network!

Gain ready access to the fastest growing garage network.

The network of garages on our Autorox platform consume millions of dollars of spares each year. We have a ready market for sellers. We've created an Amazing experience using Technology to address the key problems garage face: discovery of the right part, knowing availability, credit and delivery. Come join us!
Vijay Gummadi
Vijay Gummadi
Founder & Chief Mechanic, Autorox