About Us

Customer Focus. Innovative. Long Haul.

We are obsessed with the Transformation of the Automotive Service Experience.

Enabling Transformation of Automotive Service Experience

We believe the Vehicle Ownership Experience is broken and in need of some serious plumbing. Routine activities involving buying, getting insurance coverage, repairs & maintenance, roadside assistance and sale are disconnected, often requiring extensive interaction with multiple agencies in the eco-system. There's huge information asymmetry between the various processes and gap between customer expectations and offerings. Mobility in all forms excites us. We build Modern, Technology Enabled Solutions for the Global Auto Aftermarket to Transform the Automotive Service Experience, based on grass roots Automotive Knowledge & Expertise. We digitally connect Vehicle Owners, Repairers, Insurers, Fleets and the Spares Supply Network seamlessly via our Technology - thus driving creation of new experiences (a.k.a Moments of Magic) and transparency.


To enable smart mobility technologies and the pursuit of Happiness!


To achieve seamless connectivity in the automotive ecosystem through creation of Intelligent, Simple and Secure technologies.

Our Values

We use guided by these values, in everything we do in our interaction with our teams, customers and partners. We also actively seek people who reflect these values.

We seek to innovate consistently and frugally, in a manner that our Customers benefit from it.

  1. Consistently Innovate & Improvise our core Technology, Products, Services & Processes.
  2. Maximise use of Technology. Reduce manual intervention, errors & costs.
  3. Keep it simple (ASAP: As Simple As Possible).
  4. Take risks. As our founder, Vijay Gummadi says “I don’t believe it’s ok to fail. I am ok with trying out new things and challenging the old ways with new thinking with full knowledge that in hindsight some of those paths will evidently be mistakes. I am ok with the outcome of an experimental process being failure but not with the idea of taking on a new initiative being ok with failure from the get-go. There’s a lot of difference between both approaches. It’s ok to experiment and make mistakes but more important is to be able to learn from them, be resilient, hone our instincts & intuition through trial and error, improvise and work towards eventual success.
  5. Set the bar very high. Set High standards and be a stickler for Quality.
  6. Be Unreasonable and constantly push the boundaries.
  7. Ideate > Prototype > Learn > Improvise > Repeat. Avoid paralysis by analysis.

We are ambitious, determined, goal focussed. Results matter.

  1. Be Unreasonable. Push the boundaries.
  2. Encourage being ambitious, determined & goal focussed. Reward results.
  3. Quick demonstrable results are better than elaborate paperwork. Speed is key.
  4. Establish clear metrics and success criteria. Measure results regularly. Give honest, actionable feedback. Drive immediate corrective action.
  5. Do more of the things that are working. Figure out improvements and rapidly refine what’s not working.
  6. Encourage performance and performers. Train and motivate where required.
  7. Prioritise ruthlessly (on time, resources and your energy). When in doubt, apply deliberate focus on the things that positively impact our customers.
  8. Expect ruthless execution from our partners.

Everyone of us, irrespective of the position is equally responsible to ensure our customers are Happy.

  1. Every interaction with a Customer is an opportunity to create a Moment of Magic. Handle with genuine care.
  2. Give Customers a reason to want to come back, continue to do business with us and importantly refer us to other Customers.
  3. Even when we aren’t the source of the Customer’s anxiety, make the effort to positively impact the Customer’s state.
  4. Get feedback from Customers – don’t assume we are always doing a terrific job.
  5. Demonstrate strong intent, willingness to do good and always focus on becoming closer to our Customers.

Establish a clear purpose to help others identify if they belong. Be clear about who we are, our purpose, our reason for existence and our vision of the future we intend to build.

  1. Be authentic and caring. Care about what matters to each of the members, their fears and weaknesses, interests & goals, and matters of joy or sorrow. Be there on the sun shiny and the gloomy days.
  2. Integrity shall never be breached.
  3. Protect the sanctity of the Tribe at all costs. Axe Trojans quickly and decisively. Hire the Best. No compromises.
  4. Think and Do long term. People will follow a dream executed consistently and relentlessly.
  5. Be brutally Honest. Communicate openly, early and often. Listen intently. 
  6. Delegate to the most competent. Remove barriers to participation and performance.
  7. Zero tolerance for gossip, politics and rumour mongering.
  8. It’s ok to challenge your leaders. Back it up with data.
  9. Push your own boundaries and those of others around you. Actively support others.
  10. Discover your strengths, your talents, the things you love and maximise their use. Actively identify your weaknesses and work on them. Recognise that we all have emotions, troubles and flaws. We need to do our Best inspite of them.
  11. Be Strong, Ambitious and Persistent even in the face of extreme challenges.
  12. Stick to your morals, at all costs. As Bob Marley said “Get up, stand up, stand up for your right. Get up, stand up, don’t give up the fight.
  13. Connect. Communicate. Coach. Appreciate. Give in larger measure.

Life is limited to be wasted being unhappy and mediocre.

  1. Be deeply, overtly passionate about some causes and people.
  2. Celebrate the victories, big and small even if they aren’t your own.
  3. Spend time thinking about what makes you really Happy and do more of it.
  4. Our time on Earth is limited. What are we gonna do with it?
  5. What’s your story? 
  6. Do what makes your Heart sing. Have Fun!
"I started out washing cars. Like you, I am also a Garage Owner. I understand how much hard work you put in and the challenges you experience every day. With Autorox, we've combined the Best of Technology and our Auto Repair background to completely Transform the repair experience. We've built Autorox with You in mind, with a Lot of Love to improve Customer Delight and build a Profitable repair business.

You will fall in Love with your Garage again. I Guarantee it!"
Vijay Gummadi
Vijay Gummadi
Founder & Chief Mechanic, Autorox

We Fun 🙂

We are high on celebrating Life's moments!

Join Us. Do Meaningful Work.

It takes Terrific people to build a Terrific product. So, we actively pursue the Best minds, the most skilled artisans and those who embody our values. Of course, there's competitive pay, awesome benefits, flexible working hours, a super working space and more...