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We our Art. We are Passionate to build automotive technology that's Amazingly Simple, yet transformative.

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Our founders experienced first-hand the huge disparity between independent multi-brand garages and OEM garages. The non-OEM, independently owned and operated or franchised garages simply did not have any support mechanism to manage their operations efficiently. This realisation led our founders to combine two decades of global auto experience, over 10 years of entrepreneurial journey building a respected car repair network and expertise in enterprise software to build Autorox - the most powerful yet the most simple and affordable cloud-based software, supporting the needs of any single or chain of multi-brand garages. In summary, Autorox is built by Garage Owners for Garage Owners!

The Wonder Team

Our Wonder Team brings extensive experience in building technology for automotive and successful companies.

Vijay Gummadi

Vijay Gummadi

Eco-system Builder
Drives the digitally enabled auto aftermarket eco-system.
Priyanka Ganathe

Priyanka Ganathe

She's the Jack of all trades from Selling to Tech.
Prasad Reddy

Prasad Reddy

Ensures Acquisition & Retention of Talent.

Subhajit Biswas

Comes up with crazy stuff that we then have to execute.
Abhilash Savalgi

Abhilash Savalgi

Digital Strategy
Drives digitisation in all our endeavours!
Smikesh Gopakumar

Smikesh Gopakumar

Customer Success
He's the epitome of keeping Customer's Happy!
Rahul Gandhi Y.

Rahul Gandhi Y.

Hawk eyed when it comes to Money going out or coming in.
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We are driven by the zeal to positively impact our customers and to transform the automotive aftermarket!

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