Smart Car Insurance Claims Management System

Improves claims experience for policy holders!

Enable Better Auto Claims Experience.

Reduce Claims TaT & Cost by upto 50%

Unique technology platform for claims and repairs management!

Carefully crafted solutions to address challenges from Claim Estimation to Repair Execution.

Connect to Repairers regarding Claim

Repair Estimate Preparation, Review & Approval

Repair Execution, Communication & Status Tracking

Final Approval, Inspection & Invoicing

Advanced Reporting & Repair Analytics
Improved TaT >50% Savings on TaT & Repair costs Easy API integration

Reduce Costs

Autorox can reduce unnecessary expenses due to incorrect estimates, tear down, unnecessary replacements etc.

Improve TaT by 50%

Reduce Claim processing time (TaT) by 50% through better estimates, faster approvals & clean data from all repairers.

Happy Policy Holders

Faster, hassle-free, transparent claims processing improves customer satisfaction and leads to better renewals

Accurate & timely repair estimate preparation!

Comprehensive spares & labour catalogs for all Makes / Models + AI based estimation based on damage assessment.

Insurance Claims Management

Autorox garage management software provides real-time solutions to substantially improve the Insurance Claim process, Repair Execution and Management based on our unique DIA (Data Intelligence for Automotive) Technology. To enable accurate and quick repair estimation, Autorox provides in-built spares catalogs for OEM / Aftermarket spares along with comprehensive vehicle model wise labour catalogs. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) based DIA Technology enables instant repair estimates for all vehicles based on specification of Impact Category (e.g. Front, Rear, Glass, Toppled, Fire), Impact Type (e.g. Middle, LH, RH) and Damage Intensity (e.g. Minor, Medium, Major, Heavy). All of the part details including Vehicle Fitment, Part Number, Part Name, Pricing, Tax Structure is also accessible via our Spares Catalog API, making integration with your internal Claims systems easy. Assessors at Insurance companies find our Estimation system useful to build repair estimates or to verify the accuracy of the estimate submitted to them by repairers. Our AI Estimation platform enables building repair estimates rapidly, in just a few minutes, without having to independently add each Part and Labour to the Estimate.

Integrated Repair across OEM & Independent Repairers

Autorox garage management software consolidates repair information from all repairers into a single interface.

Insurer Garage Engagement & Approval

Autorox garage management software offers integrated Repairs management across OEM Dealers & Multi-Brand Repairers, by seamlessly consolidating all repair information into a standard format in a single interface. Now, your IHAs (In-House Assessors) and Field Surveyors can manage all their claims easily. Importantly, OEM Dealers aren't required to use Autorox or adopt any changes to their process. You have to see it to believe's that radical!

Automated Review & Approval for Repair Estimate, Proforma & Invoices!

Advanced OCR + DIA Technology to seamlessly process information received from OEM Dealers & Independent Repairers.

AI based OCR Reader for Insurers & Fleets

Autorox's advanced automotive specific AI enabled OCR technology automatically reads, extracts, cleanses 100+ pieces of repair information contained in OEM & Non-OEM Repair Estimates, Proforma and Invoices of all major manufacturers and provides clean data useful for claims processing. Our solution comes out of box capable to handle repair invoice formats of all major OEMs. Post extraction, it's easy to perform Compare on Estimates vs. Invoices at each line item to understand variances.

Effective monitoring of repair execution, real-time updates and communication

Economical repair and better unit economics due to accurate costing and wider options.

Combined with our DIA Technology, Autorox drastically reduces the time to Review, Interact with the Repairers and Approve 1000s of Estimates submitted by multiple OEM Dealers & Multi-Brand Repairers - all this in a single interface for your In House Assessors (IHA) and Surveyors. Now, finally, approve repairs with confidence.

Via the Autorox API, get real-time updates on the vehicle repair status from every participating garage.

Fleet Repairs Management

Advanced Repair Analytics

Understand your repair spend on claims in-depth and more importantly optimise it.

Analysis of Claims and Accidents at Autorox

Our clean Master data and AI based platform generates high quality repair data and hence insightful repair analytics on a variety of parameters including Accident Impact Zones, Accident Severity, Parts Distribution by Impact and Severity. Our analytics can deliver benefits well beyond repair management – in claims and repairs cost optimisation.

Hot from our Research Labs!

Hugely reduce TaT on Claims Estimation & Analysis.

Car Damage Detection Technology at Autorox

It's the much needed straw in our Claims optimisation toolkit - automated auto / car accident assessment based on photos taken by the Customer or your Claims Assessor. We are excited at the potential this platform could deliver when fully integrated with the other tools in our kitty.

Smart Garages - Powered by Autorox! Anywhere you need.

Connect with 1000+ repairers across India. 28 States + UTs, 900+ PIN Codes. Let us manage your Claim related Repairs.

AX Garage Netwrok

Reduce your high repair costs by connecting with Autorox’s country wide network of Quality, digitally enabled repairers.

  • Curated network capable to handle Scheduled, Unscheduled & Accident Repairs
  • Complete hassle-free managed repairs. Single point-of-contact and invoicing
  • Technology enabled, real-time tracking of repairs under supervision of qualified auto experts
  • Complete support to Insurer for repairer on-boarding (territories, repair capabilities, infrastructure etc.)

We are expanding our Insurer Network!

Autorox garage management software is guaranteed to reduce repair costs, improve TaT, improve satisfaction from Claims via our unmatched technology advantage.

We’ve thought carefully about the small things that make a big dent in Claims Management and built a system to enable Economical repair and better unit economics by accurate costing of damage, rapid claims processing and wider repairer options via our elaborate network.
Vijay Gummadi
Vijay Gummadi
Founder & Chief Mechanic, Autorox