Autorox digitalizes Motor Claims Processing for a European Insurer

Autorox digitalizes Motor Claims Processing for a European Insurer


This Insurer is a leading auto insurance company in Europe that sought to enhance operational efficiency in motor claims processing and service centre management for its workshop partners. In order to do this, the insurer chose Autorox as the technology partner to implement Autorox Claims Management system that streamlines claim estimation, improves monitoring of the insurer’s partner service centres, and supports various managerial roles within the insurer.

Autorox Implementation Overview

With Autorox deployed in the Insurer’s motor claims ecosystem, following were the capabilities that would be achieved:
1. Claim Management: Enables Insurer to assign claims to multiple partner service centres and automate claim estimation and approval, boosting efficiency.
2. Partner Service Centre Monitoring: Enhanced oversight of claim estimations, repair status & service centre performances.
3. User Management: Robust role definition and permissions for different managerial levels at the insurer side (claims manager, monitoring manager and management).
4. Report Generation: Advanced reporting capabilities for claims and service centre evaluations.
5. Auction for Claim Estimations: A competitive auction system for claim estimations from various partner service centres.
6. Bilingual Support: Multilingual interface for wider accessibility.
7. Data Management: A comprehensive vehicle and parts catalogue for accurate estimations.
8. Customization for Local Regulations: Adaptation to local tax laws for compliance.
9. Security and Authorization: Stringent data security and authorization processes.


· Improved claim processing speed and accuracy.
· Better oversight of partner service centres.
· Enhanced data management and compliance with local regulations.
· Stronger data security and user authorization.


The implementation of the Autorox system will be significantly boosting the operational efficiency and service quality in the auto insurance claim process, setting a new standard for the Insurer in the industry.

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