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Here’s a list of common questions we’ve been asked about our product.

What is Autorox?

Autorox is a state-of-the-art, yet amazingly simple, mobile based garage / workshop management software for passenger cars.

Why should I use Autorox?

Autorox will save your time on routine activities that take your time away from what you do best…repair cars. It is guaranteed to improve your revenues, profits, cashflow, and improve ROI by 25%.

Can I manage the entire workshop operations using Autorox?

Yes, you can manage every thing from the car inward, opening a job card, creating an estimate, assigning technicians, work execution, inventory management, insurance process, quality check, invoicing and customer feedback…all in one terrific, easy-to-use package!

How quick is Autorox to set up?

It’s so easy, we assure go-live in 2 days or less. Of course, we are here to support as need to ensure you derive maximum value from the platform.

On which devices does Autorox run?

Some functions, specifically the activities that happen on the Shop floor work on Android devices. Other functions work on any device with a browser including on a Computer.

Where is Autorox hosted?

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Can Autorox handle multi-site businesses?

Yes, absolutely. Autorox will scale with you as your business grows.

Is Autorox capable to handle my stock management?

Oh, yeah! It handles every thing for purchases, sales, stock keeping and audit.

How many days does it take to rollout Autorox at my workshop?

In most cases, Workshops are able to create their first Job Card within 30 minutes of go-live. It’s that easy! Usually, the only time consuming process is updating your inventory into the system.

If the server is down, what happens to my operations?

So long as your devices are connected to the Internet via 3G/4G/FutureG or WiFi, leave the rest to us. Of course, in case the server is down for maintenance upgrades, it will be done during off business hours and you will be informed well in advance.

If my car inflow goes above the number allowed by my plan, will Autorox lock further entry of job cards?

Given that we intend for Autorox to scale with you as your business grows, we will not limit the usage even when you cross the number of job cards allowed by your plan. We will inform you and you can choose to upgrade to the next plan.

What is meant by PSF and SMR calls?

PSF is Post Service Feedback, conducted by tele calling to the Customer 48-76 hours after delivery of the car to get feedback on the service feedback.
SMR is Service Marketing Reminders, conducted by tele calling to the Customer to remind him / her of upcoming service based on prior service and service intervals.

Does Autorox integrate with other applications? If yes, with which systems?

Out of the box, Autorox integrates with popular Accounting systems and parts ordering systems. We will continue to add integrations to other products where there is synergy. If you seek to integrate with your own internal systems, we have a comprehensive API.

What is the Autorox marketing platform?

The Autorox marketing platform enables you to market specific products and services to Customers, reach out via promotional offers and send automatic service reminders. The objective of this platform is to ensure you generate inflow.

How is Autorox different from other software / technology available in the auto repair space?

Great question! We’ve built Autorox based on several years of experience running auto workshops of all sizes – from mom & pop to dealer workshops. The system has been developed to accommodate processes, systems, Customer expectations and challenges faced by technical / non technical staff and operators of multi-brand garages in India and countries with operating conditions like India.


Here’s a list of questions we’ve been asked by those who’ve dug deeper into the product.

Does Autorox have an Accounts module?

Autorox allows invoicing and export of the data to popular Accounting software.

Does Autorox have an Inventory Control system?

Yes. The module handles every thing from Procurement, Material Issue, Stock Management, Audit and Reporting.

Will the application work offline?

Autorox is an online system. All your data is securely backed-up to the Cloud with each transaction. Further, being online ensures that any masters (e.g. vehicles list) we update is instantly available to you.

How does Autorox get parts prices?

We have a team of experts managing our catalog development. We collate data from eCatalogs, OEM & OES manufacturers and other reliable sources.

Will I be able to overwrite part and labour prices auto populated by Autorox?

Yes, absolutely!

What is the use of selecting the correct and complete Year / Make / Model / Variant of a vehicle when creating a job card. Is it ok if I select only Make Model or Make Model Variant?

Based on the Year / Make / Model / Variant of the vehicle, Autorox will auto populate labour pricing and specific part numbers matching the vehicle.

How do I add new Coupons or Promotional offers?

Via the Autorox admin interface, you can add any number of coupons or promotional offers. When you wish to discontinue the promotional offers, you can easily disable them.

What are Pending Repairs?

Any services recommended by a Service Advisor that a Customer decides to postpone for later are called Pending Repairs. In some cases, services may be postponed due to non-availability of spares or technicians. Such repairs are also classified as Pending Repairs. When the Customer comes back in future for other repairs, the Service Advisor is able to review the Pending Repairs and recommend to the Customer, thus increasing your revenue.

How is the Autorox labour chart designed?

By default the product ships with pricing appropriate for multi-brand workshops. This pricing has been developed based on thorough research of OEM Dealer pricing to ensure your pricing is competitive. Autorox pricing chart allows you to maintain pricing by vehicle / vehicle segment / workshop location / corporate and insurance tie-ups. All in all, it is very comprehensive.

Will I be able to upload my own labour chart?

Yes, you may update the default pricing with your own pricing. You may also edit the pricing for the services in each invoice.


Here are the questions we’ve been asked on our amazing packages and our billing procedure.

Can I use Autorox for Free?

Yes, for upto 50 cars inflow, Autorox is totally Free.

How does the free trial work?

It’s easy. You get a fully featured, functional product for 15 days to use and be convinced that the product meets all your requirements.

What happens at the end of my trial?

Dah, the trial ends! All your data will be retained for 7 days after completion of the trial period. Renewal within this period will allow you to continue system use with your data.

Are there any limitation of the free trial?

Nope, it’s as good as the paid version. Other than of course, that it expires at the end of the free trial period.

Should I wait to the end of the free trial to upgrade?

Absolutely not. You should sign up immediately for the Good things in life, like Autorox. Upgrade to the paid version as soon as you are convinced that Autorox meets your requirements.

If I have two workshops, how many licenses do I need to take?

We keep it very simple. One license per workshop.

If I have more than one Service Advisor, which plan should I choose?

Choose any plan you like depending on what ever suits your needs and inflow volume. Adding additional Service Advisor’s is real easy. Just give us a call. We will provide you additional licenses for each Service Advisor.

Can I change my plan after sign-up? If yes, how?

You may login to your admin control panel and upgrade / downgrade your plan as you see appropriate to your business. Any upgrade or downgrade will take effect only in the next month.

Is there a referral promotion if I refer a friend's workshop?

First, we are glad you Love our product to recommend it to others. Should your friends sign up and use our product for a minimum of three months, you will receive one month of usage absolutely free.

What discounts are available?

We’ve priced the product very reasonably to ensure that it scales at each stage with your business. Other than offers launched from time to time, we don’t offer discounts. We offer your Terrific products instead that will cause a positive impact on your bottom line.

What's the difference between the various packages?

Please check our pricing here.

What are Addons? How do I sign up for Addons?

You may sign up for Addons from your admin panel. Check out our list of Addons on our pricing page.

Do I have to pay for updates to Autorox?

Nope. So long as you pay and use Autorox, all updates are absolutely free.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes, you may cancel at any time with one month prior notice.

What is the annual price increment on Autorox?

At this time, there is no fixed increment. We will intimate you in case of any change in pricing.

What modes of payment do you accept?

We accept cheque, debit / credit card payments. Preferred and most easy mode of payment is payment / renewal via the app. The app will remind you well in advance about renewals.

We can't pay by credit card. Do you accept cheque / cash?

We accept Cheques & Demand Draft. Absolutely, no cash.

What is the ROI of using Autorox?

ROI will vary by workshop depending on effectiveness of use. Used right, you should be able to generate ROI of >25%.

Why do I have to pay Autorox for use every month?

We let you focus on what you do best…car repair. We take all the burden of running your garage. We ensure your software is always up-to-date with new features designed to improve your business. We also provide you with the latest updates on parts, labour pricing, vehicle makes and models and several other masters. All your data is hosted and backed on world-class servers to ensure safety and security of your data at all times. All of this costs money. Hence, we charge you monthly.


Here’s what we’ve been asked about Security, Privacy and Terms of Use.

All my data is being stored outside of my workshop. Is it secure?

All your data is stored on AWS in a secure and reliable server farm outside India. We have top notch backup and recovery system support to ensure safety of your data. In fact, your data is more secure in this environment than in your own. This way, there is no threat of loss of data due to loss or damage to the device running the software.

What are the Terms of Use of Autorox?

Please check our Terms of Use.

What happens to my data after the free trial or when ever I decide to stop using Autorox?

Within one month of discontinuing use of the product, you may request for your data. We will export your Customer and Accounting related data for the period of use and provide it to you in Excel format.


Here’s what we’ve been asked about all forms of support in using the product.

How can we reach you for help?

Our technical support team is available from 930am – 700pm, Monday to Saturday, except National holidays. You may reach us via email at support[at]autorox.co or by phone at 1-800-xxx-xxxx. Alternatively, you may also post a Ticket on the website here.

If a new employee joins, how can he be trained?

Usually, we will train you and your key employees first time at implementation. Additional training may be scheduled at cost.

If my employee wants extra training, will Autorox provide?

We will answer queries online or by phone for Free. Onsite training is provided to existing or new employees at cost.

What kind of support do you provide?

We provide assistance with the following:

  1. Queries with usage of the product
  2. Queries with specific product concerns / bugs
  3. Queries with process
  4. Implementation issues
  5. Data load, if required
  6. Assistance with inventory updates into the system
  7. Queries or concerns with billing
  8. Additional training

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