Helping Tserv Scale Exponentially

Autorox Helps Tserv Streamline Operations and Expand Their Network


In April 2022, Autorox, a leading provider of garage management software and solutions for vehicle repair and maintenance, signed up with Tserv, an initiative by Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited to set up multi-brand garages across India. After careful evaluation of multiple solution providers, Tserv chose Autorox as its technology partner for digitally enabling the repair experience constituting Garage Management, Customer Engagement Platform, and Online presence including Websites and Lead Generation Services. This case study highlights how Autorox’s solutions helped Tserv streamline its operations, enhance customer experience, and expand its network rapidly.

Roll-out and Network Expansion

The roll-out began with five garages in April 2022. As of date, Tserv has scaled its network to 50 outlets across 12 cities. Autorox has been instrumental in digitizing the Tserv workshop network with its full suite of solutions, helping Tserv streamline operations from appointment booking to invoicing, inventory, technician productivity, and ensuring compliance.

Benefits of Autorox's Solutions

With Autorox’s solutions, Tserv has been able to achieve the following benefits:

  1. Streamlined operations: Autorox’s Garage Management Solution has helped Tserv streamline operations from appointment booking to invoicing, inventory, technician productivity, and ensuring compliances thus ensuring Uniformity of Experience across the Network.

  2. Enhanced customer experience: Autorox’s Customer Engagement Platform has enabled Tserv to engage with customers effectively, providing timely updates and feedback, and improving customer satisfaction. As a result, customers find the entire experience transparent leading to enhanced Trust in the repairers and the Network.

  3. Network management: Autorox’s solutions have enabled Tserv to add substantial value to the franchisee network via lead generation, centralized feedback, issue resolution, streamlined parts ordering, and coordinated promotional schemes to name a few. Unit-level visibility of key operational metrics has enabled Tserv to manage the network effectively and ensure that both customers and franchisees are benefitted.

  4. Customization: Rolling out a network solution requires the ability to configure enterprise-specific workflows and processes. Autorox’s ability to quickly configure workflows to meet business requirements and where required, enhance capabilities in a timely manner has been instrumental to meeting Tserv’s evolving needs.

  5. Support: During the entire course of the engagement, both teams have held weekly reviews to review customer feedback and implement potential solutions methodically and transparently. Key management personnel from both teams also participated in periodic reviews to ensure stakeholder objectives were being met. Much success of the project can be attributed to open communication and timely support.

Contract Renewal

Owing to the growth and digitization achieved with Autorox and the quality of its support, Tserv renewed the contract with Autorox in April 2023, serving as a testimony of the faith shown by Tserv in Autorox as a valued technology partner


Autorox has been a valuable technology partner for Tserv, helping it to streamline operations, enhance customer experience, and expand its network rapidly. Moreover, Tserv’s inputs and suggestions to further enhance Autorox has been instrumental in improving Autorox and making it suitable for Tserv’s business operations. With its full suite of solutions, Autorox has been able to deliver offerings to meet Tserv’s specific requirements and help it achieve its growth objectives. Open communication between the teams and timely support is critical to achieving project success


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