Digitally transforming GVK EMRI

Digital Transformation of GVK EMRI's Fleet Maintenance Operations with Autorox


In May 2022, Autorox, a leading provider of Garage Management Solutions, signed a significant partnership with GVK EMRI, India’s largest fleet of 13,000+ ambulances. GVK EMRI had been managing its fleet maintenance operations manually using Excel sheets, posing a high business risk due to the critical nature of its services. Recognizing the need for a robust and efficient system, GVK EMRI evaluated multiple software providers and ultimately chose Autorox to streamline their operations.

Challenges Faced by GVK EMRI

Before implementing Autorox’s Garage Management Solution, GVK EMRI relied on outdated and manual processes to manage their fleet maintenance. This approach lacked the necessary agility and accuracy to ensure quick turnaround times (TAT) for breakdowns. Additionally, operating offline limited visibility and posed challenges in network management. GVK EMRI needed a comprehensive solution that could optimize their garage-level operations, provide real-time data, and integrate seamlessly with their internal fleet management system.

Choosing Autorox for Transformation

After careful evaluation and comparisons with other software providers, GVK EMRI selected Autorox for their garages. The decision was based on Autorox’s robust features, customization capabilities, and successful track record in the industry. GVK EMRI subscribed to Autorox’s Garage Management Solution, initiating the digital transformation of their fleet maintenance operations.

Implementation and Customization

The rollout of Autorox’s solution began with 18 garages in Uttar Pradesh state. The solution was tailored to meet GVK EMRI’s specific requirements, addressing their unique business needs. Autorox worked closely with GVK EMRI to implement various customization requests, ensuring the technology was perfectly aligned with their operations.

Seamless Integration and Streamlined Operations

One of the key benefits of the partnership was the seamless integration of Autorox with GVK EMRI’s internal fleet management system. This integration allowed for real-time operations and enhanced visibility of fleet availability for the GVK EMRI team. From appointment booking to invoicing, inventory management, and technician productivity, Autorox’s Garage Management Solution transformed operations at the garage level. Moreover, comprehensive network-level reports and dashboards provided valuable insights for GVK EMRI’s corporate team, enabling effective network management.

Expansion and Nationwide Deployment

With the successful implementation of Autorox’s solution across their existing network, GVK EMRI gained confidence in the technology and began expanding their workshop network in other states. Over subsequent months, GVK EMRI signed up Autorox for an additional six workshops in Assam and West Bengal. This expansion allowed GVK EMRI to tap into new markets and serve more communities in need. Recognizing Autorox as the go-to solution, GVK EMRI plans to deploy it across all their 40+ workshops nationwide in the coming months.

Value Delivered by Autorox

Autorox played a vital role in digitalizing GVK EMRI’s workshop network and fleet maintenance operations. By offering a full suite of solutions, Autorox enabled GVK EMRI to streamline its processes, improve efficiency, and enhance customer service. The automation of appointment booking, invoicing, inventory management, and technician productivity significantly reduced turnaround times and improved service quality.

Renewal of Partnership

Owing to the rapid growth and digitalization achieved with Autorox, GVK EMRI has decided to renew its contract in May 2023 for the upcoming year. This renewal stands as a testament to the faith GVK EMRI has placed in Autorox as a valued technology partner. The success of the partnership has solidified Autorox’s position as a trusted and reliable provider in the industry.


The partnership between Autorox and GVK EMRI has revolutionized fleet maintenance operations in the ambulance fleet industry. By replacing manual processes with a comprehensive Garage Management Solution, Autorox empowered GVK EMRI to improve their efficiency, enhance service quality, and expand their workshop network. The successful digital transformation has positioned GVK EMRI for further growth and success in providing critical emergency services to communities across India.

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